For this second quarter, a total of nine training program activities (TPAs) under five Regular PHILJA Programs took place as scheduled. Of the six which were held at the PHILJA Training Center in Tagaytay City, three were Judicial Career Enhancement Programs for selected RTC Judges of Regions I-III, IV-VI and VIII-XII respectively; one was a Career Enhancement Program for RTC Clerks of Court coming from Region II; and two were Career Development Programs for Court Legal Researchers belonging to Regions IX and XII. The 33rd Pre-Judicature Program, as well as a Seminar for Executive Judges of Luzon and the NCJR, took place in Manila; while the Career Enhancement Program for RTC Clerks of Court for Regions IX and XII was held in Cebu City.

Issue 14-05 & 06 May-June 2014
Judges: Undue delay in rendering decision

Prompt disposition of cases is attained basically through the efficiency and dedication to duty of judges. If judges do not possess those traits, delay in the disposition of cases is inevitable to the prejudice of the litigants. Judges should be imbued with a high sense of duty and responsibility in the discharge of their obligation to administer justice promptly.

Issue 14-07 & 08 July-August 2014
Judges: Grave abuse of authority bordering on gross ignorance of procedure

Sections 4, 5 and 6 of Rule 15 of the Rules of court provides as follows:

Rule 15 Motions

Section 4. Hearing of motion – Except for motions which the court may act upon without prejudicing the rights of the adverse party, every written motion shall be set for hearing by the applicant.


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