Registration | General Information

Registration Procedure

Step 1

  • The participant may choose to:
    • A. Register online or
    • B. Register by accomplishing the downloadable Participant Registration Form and sending the completed form via email to or through facsimile at +63 2 5529628 .

Step 2

  • The IOJT Registration Secretariat will send a confirmation of receipt of registration through the participant’s registered email address.

Step 3

  • The participant must transfer/direct deposit payment through Land Bank of the Philippines
    • Account Name: PHILJA FAO IOJT
    • Account Number: 3472-1005-63
    • Land Bank of the Philippines Supreme Court Extension Office
      Ground Floor, Supreme Court of the Philippines Padre Faura St. Ermita, Manila

    • Swift Code: TLBPPHMMXXX
    • Land Bank of the Philippines
      1598 M.H. Del Pilar Cor. Dr. J. Quintos Sts Malate, Manila 1004

    Financial Institutions and Foreign Exchange and Remittance Companies with S.W.I.F.T. Key Arrangement

    *There will be a USD $3 fee (handling charges and tax) per participant.

Step 4

  • Submit proof of payment / deposit with name of registrant/s through email at or fax to +63 2 5529628.

Step 5

  • The participant who successfully registered may check the Official List of Participants.
    PLEASE NOTE that the name of registrants will be included in the Official List of Participants upon confirmation of payment of registration fees.

Registration Fees

  • USD $800 for payments received on or before October 1, 2017
  • USD $1,000 for payments received after October 1, 2017
  • USD $350 for each accompanying person


  • Welcome Reception (Hors d’ oeuvres) on November 5, 2017
  • Cultural Night/Musical Dinner on November 6, 2017
  • Day Tour on November 7, 2017
  • Gala Night/Closing Dinner on November 8, 2017
  • Admission to all IOJT educational sessions
  • Name badge and USB lanyard
  • Conference bag with writing kit
  • Electronic copy of Conference papers
  • Four (4) Lunches
  • Daily Refreshments/Snacks


  • Welcome Reception (Hors d’ oeuvres) on November 5, 2017
  • Cultural Night/Musical Dinner on November 6, 2017
  • Gala Night/Closing Dinner on November 8, 2017
  • Four (4) Lunches
  • Daily Refreshments/Snacks

Registration Closure

  • The IOJT Conference Program Committee reserves the right to close the registration upon reaching the maximum number of participants that the conference venue can accommodate.


  • In case of substitution of participants or cancellation of registration, the original registrant shall inform the IOJT Local Organizing Committee through:
    • Registration fees will be refunded, less 10% processing fee for notice of cancellation received on or before October 1, 2017.
    • Registration fees will not be refunded for notice of cancellation received after October 1, 2017. However, an alternate attendee may substitute the original registrant for no additional fee but must also accomplish his/her own registration form.


  • During registration at the Conference venue, the participant is required to present a valid government-issued ID to verify his/her identity.

Permission to Photograph

  • By registering for this Conference, the participant agrees to be photographed during the educational sessions and social activities and allows the use of such photographs for any legitimate conference-related purpose.


  • The IOJT Conference Program Committee and all other entities, or “Hosts”, for brevity, participating in planning and conducting the 8th IOJT Conference are not liable for the acts of any outside entities related to this event.
  • The Hosts are not liable or responsible for the safety of any delegate attending the conference, traveling to or from the conference, or participating in any conference related activities.
  • The Hosts are not responsible or liable for delays or failure to perform due to acts of God or any events outside of the Hosts’ contract.
  • The Hosts reserve the right to cancel this function without penalty other than a refund or direct costs paid to the Hosts for services not provided.
  • Each participant shall be personally responsible for his/her behavior. The Hosts will not accept responsibility for the behavior of any participant or outside entity during this event.
  • The participants agree to waive any and all liability on the part of the Hosts for any adverse consequences resulting from incidents arising in connection with this event.

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