Third Quarter 2013

Justice Azcuna

With just a few months left for 2013, PHILJA continued with several orientation seminar-workshops for newly-appointed Judges (66th and 67th); Sheriffs and Process Servers (2nd), both held at the PHILJA Training Center (PTC), Tagaytay; and for Clerks of Court (26th) which was conducted in Lahug, Cebu City. I am happy to note that the PTC, which has been operating for close to two years, has been fully booked and busy with the holding of most of our ongoing programs such as the Judicial Career Enhancement Program (JCEP) for the RTC and First Level Court Judges of Region V and RTC Judges of Region I; the Career Enhancement Program for First Level Clerks of Court of Region III (Batches 1 and 2); and the Career Development Program for Court Legal Researchers of Regions X and XI. The Personal Security Training for Judges (Batches 1 and 2) was likewise held at the PTC along with the Work Orientation Skills Enhancement Seminar (WOSES) for the Philippine Mediation Center (PMC) unit staff and the Judicial Settlement Conference for Judges on Judicial Dispute Resolution (skills-based course).

In addition to these activities at the PTC, PHILJA also delivered some of its programs to other regions such as the 31st Prejudicature Program (PJP) held in General Santos City; the Career Enhancement Program for Region VI conducted in Bacolod City; the Seminar-Workshop on Strengthening Judicial Integrity and the Rule of Law for Executive Judges and Single Sala Court Judges of Regions I and II and the Seminar-Workshop on Dangerous Drugs Law for Judges, Prosecutors, and Law Enforcers of the First Judicial Region, which were both held in Laoag City.

The Seminar-Workshop on Strengthening Judicial Integrity and the Rule of Law for Executive Judges and Single Sala Court Judges for Regions VI to IX and the Increasing Judicial Efficiency: Seminar-Workshop for Judges on the Effective Use of the Benchbook for Philippine Trial Courts (revised and expanded) for Regions VI to IX (Batch 3) were consecutively held in Cebu City as was the Competency Enhancement Training for Judges and Court Personnel Handling Cases Involving Children (for Judges of Region VII). The Seminar-Workshop on Various Laws Relating to Court Technology for Judges in Region X was conducted in Cagayan de Oro City.

Our staff also assisted in the mounting of three big convention-seminars for this period such as the 1st General Assembly and Seminar of the Association of Clerks of Court and Ex Officio Sheriffs held in Intramuros, Manila which had for its theme Delineating and Strengthening the Role of the Clerks of Court and Ex Officio Sheriffs in the Management and Operation of the Courts Geared Towards Strong and Unified Administrators of the Second Level Courts; the 15th Convention and Seminar of the Metropolitan and City Judges Association of the Philippines with the theme E3J = Enhancing Electronic and Environmental Justice which took place in Roxas City; and the 11th National Convention and Seminar of the RTC Clerks of Court Association of the Philippines, with the theme Clerks of Court In Pursuit of Excellence which was conducted in Boracay.

Several activities were also held in the National Capital Region (NCR), such as the Competency Enhancement Training for Judges and Court Personnel Handling Cases Involving Children given to selected single-sala court judges from Luzon; the Stakeholders’ Consultation Workshop and Presentation of the First Draft of the Helpbook on Combating Human Trafficking in the Philippines; the Ceremonial Turnover of the Final Draft of the Proposed Revised Rules of Civil Procedure, and the Knowledge Sharing on Laws, Rules, and Trends on Asset Forfeiture and Management, all of which were held in Manila. The Seminar-Workshop on Substantive Laws and Jurisprudence on Intellectual Property for Special Commercial Court Judges in the NCR and Selected Attorneys of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals was held in Makati City.

PHILJA also continued to support the Court’s Enhanced Justice on Wheels (E-JOW) Program with the conduct of its Information Dissemination component through a Dialogue among Barangay and Court Officials during the EJOW caravans in the cities of Surigao, Butuan, General Santos, and in the municipality of Polomolok, South Cotabato, all in Mindanao; and in the City of San Pablo in Laguna.

The Academy, through the Philippine Mediation Center Office (PMCO), held a number of activities in support of Alternative Dispute Resolution such as: a refresher/advanced course for Court-Annexed Mediators for the Isabela and Tuguegarao Mediation Programs in Cauayan City, Isabela; South Cotabato, Sarangani, and General Santos City Mediation Programs in General Santos City; and the Davao Mediation Program in Davao City. An orientation and screening of prospective mediators and PMC unit staff as well as a pre-internship orientation and meeting with judges, clerks of court, branch clerks of court, mediation trainees and PMC unit staff were also held in Legazpi City for the Albay Mediation Program, and in Sorsogon City for the Sorsogon Mediation Program. A basic mediation course for these two mediation programs was also held in Legazpi City. An orientation of clerks of court and branch clerks of court on Judicial Dispute Resolution was conducted in Laguna.

We likewise continued taking note of new rulings of the Supreme Court and kept up with the reminders on doctrinal rulings, as well as the newly issued Court orders, resolutions, and circulars posted on our website We also took note of new OCA circulars.

In closing, I would like to thank our ever-dependable officials and staff, our brilliant corps of professors and lecturers, as well as our reliable program partners for giving their best to the Academy. Special thanks, too, to the Chief Justice and the Court En Banc for their unrelenting support for all our programs and activities.

All the best.


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