Focus Group Discussion for Judges on Problem Areas in Handling Intellectual Property Cases

Posted on February 11, 2014

On October 18, 2013, the PHILJA conducted a Focus Group Discussion on Problem Areas in Handling Intellectual Property (IP) Cases to gather information on existing problem areas and emerging issues in the handling of IP cases by judges who had undergone initial training on intellectual property. Selected special commercial court judges from the NCJR, representatives from the Intellectual Property of the Philippines, and IP resource persons comprised the 24 participants.

A general assessment of contemporary and emerging issues and concerns on investigation, prosecution, and resolution of IP cases was first presented before the two discussion sessions. Data, comments, and reactions gathered in the discussion sessions on (a) issues and concerns in handling civil cases on IPR, including provisional remedies, and (b) issues and concerns in handling criminal cases on IPR likewise including issuance and quashal of search warrants and provisional remedies, shall serve as baseline information for determining future training curricula for forthcoming Seminar-Workshop on Intellectual Property for Judges.

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