Posted on August 14, 2014

PHILJA conducted a seminar-workshop on Strengthening Judicial Integrity and Rule of Law on April 29-30, 2014, at the Traders Hotel, Pasay City. It was attended by 26 executive and vice executive judges from the National Capital Judicial Region. The activity was aimed to enable participants to: (a) demonstrate awareness of the magnitude of judicial corruption and incompetence; (b) recognize the indispensable role of the Office of the Court Administrator in handling judicial corruption cases and promoting judicial integrity; (c) exhibit increased capacity in effective evaluation and gathering of evidence using available modes of discovery and in recognizing and handling lying witnesses; and (d) enhance commitment to promote judicial integrity and competent administration of justice.

The participants were provided opportunities to learn new concepts from the lectures; to analyze, through small group discussions, case studies involving immorality and graft and corruption; and to apply what was learned through simulated situations. The lecture topics were Judicial Corruption: Major Threat to Rule of Law and An Independent Judiciary; The Role of the Office of the Court Administrator in Strengthening Judicial Integrity and the Rule of Law; Available Modes of Discovery and Gathering of Evidence; Effective Evidence Evaluation; Recognizing and Handling Lying Witness; Putting It All Together: Writing the Report; and Facing Challenges on the Bench. An open forum followed each lecture. Video exercises were also shown to demonstrate effective listening to a witness, tagging cross examination and short listening. All the participants found the activity profitable.

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