Seminar on Speedy Trial and Disposition of Cases for Luzon (Batch 3)

On May 22-24, 2013, PHILJA conducted at the PTC in Tagaytay the first orientation seminar-workshop for 65 newly appointed sheriffs and process servers. The program aims to prepare new sheriffs and process servers in the discharge of their official functions by increasing their knowledge and understanding of their duties and responsibilities as well as the extent of their authority as provided by law and applicable rules; and by enabling them to become aware of ethical considerations in the exercise of their officials functions. The program likewise attempts to further develop their professional skills, instill in them a sense of dignity in their calling, and give them the confidence, alacrity, and courage necessary to perform their duties.

The topics discussed include personnel policies and procedures including appointments, office attendance and separation; benefits and privileges of court personnel; improving self-confidence; duties and functions of the OCA; problem areas in the disbursements and use of the Sheriffs’ Trust Fund under Rule 141; Code of Conduct for court personnel;duties of sheriffs and process servers under the Rules of Court; issuances and circulars involving sheriffs and process servers; administrative discipline; guidelines on extrajudicial foreclosure; and guidelines on small claims cases and the role of sheriffs and process servers in relation to the functions of sheriffs and process servers. A workshop on ethical considerations in the exercise of official functions was also held.

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