Posted on August 14, 2014

PHILJA conducted the Roundtable Discussion on Substantive Laws and Jurisprudence on Intellectual Property for Court of Appeals (CA) Justices and court attorneys in Cagayan de Oro City on April 10-11 and in Cebu City on May 22-23. The activity was designed to apprise the participants on substantive laws and jurisprudence on intellectual property (IP); to provide a forum for critical analysis of the evolution of doctrines and principles applied in resolving IP cases as against the present IP legal regime; and to allow the sharing of experiences and opinions with the goal of enhancing the capacity of CA justices in the disposition of IP cases.

The April batch comprised 28 selected CA Manila and CA Cagayan de Oro justices, together with selected CA Cagayan de Oro court attorneys. The May batch was composed of 34 selected CA Manila and CA Cebu justices with selected CA Cebu court attorneys. Authorities on intellectual property lectured on the following topics: Overview of IP Legal Regime in the Philippines; Legal Remedies on IPR Enforcement, Causes of Action, Procedures, and Jurisprudence; Rules on the Reliability and Infringement of Trademarks and Tradename Including International Registration under The Madrid System and Unfair Competition; Copyrights Concepts and Rights, Infringement and Limitations; Patents, Industrial Designs and Utility Models; Digital Piracy, Internet Piracy and Cybercrime in relation to Intellectual Property; Economic Impact of Intellectual Property; IP Violations as Predicate Offense of Anti-Money Laundering Offenses; and Discussion and Analysis of Trademark Cases. Panel discussions and open forums subsequent to the lectures gave the participants opportunity to raise their own concerns, issues, and clarifications.

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