This program provides initial training to aspirants for judicial positions. It orients and guides aspirants towards a career in the judiciary as it offers a judicial perspective on the law and introduces skills, attitudes, values, and appropriate conduct for the Bench.

The sessions of the Program are not intended to repeat instruction in law school nor serve as review materials for the Bar. All subjects are approached from a judicial perspective – the resolution of disputes by a judge.

The completion of the program and obtaining a passing mark in the Written Evaluative Examination entitles a participant to a full credit of thirty-six (36) MCLE units for the compliance period; and 15 units towards a Master of Laws degree at the San Beda College Graduate School of Law, upon favorable endorsement by the Chancellor.

PHILJA furnishes the Judicial and Bar Council with the names of PJP participants who have successfully completed the program, together with the ratings obtained.

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